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Zakon i red

Law & Order (1990)


Autor: Dick Wolf
Glumci: S. Epatha Merkerson, Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, Steven Hill, Jesse L. Martin

Sezona: 9
Epizoda: << 15 >> - DISCIPLE

Like the legal process itself, the Emmy Award-winning "Law & Order" unfolds in two dramatic segments. In the first half-hour, police detectives bring in the lawbreakers. In the second half, the focus shifts to the criminal courts where a crack team of district attorneys insure that justice is served. A highly regarded television institution, "Law & Order" has set the standard for procedural drama, offering consistently compelling stories of crime and passion to a very large and loyal audience.


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Srijeda, 17. Listopad 2018
07:20 RTL Nitro Law & Order
Srijeda, 17. Listopad 2018
08:00 RTL Nitro Law & Order
Srijeda, 17. Listopad 2018
11:30 13th Street DE Law & Order 10, epizoda 24.
Srijeda, 17. Listopad 2018
12:05 5USA Zakon i red 9, epizoda 12.
Četvrtak, 18. Listopad 2018
13:05 5USA

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